Devinwara, the city of gods in Sinhala language is important for many reasons. First for its historical importance, and second for its religious importance, and third for its geographical importance. While some of the ruins in this area gives evidence to prove its historical importance, Devalaya or the Temple stands as a monument to prove its religious importance, and the Light House which stands about a quarter kilometer by the sea coast shows its geographical importance. It is the southern most point in the naval route of Indian Ocean.

Devinuwara, according to many historical evidences, had been a city respected and worshipped by Buddhist for its power of gods. ‘Devinuwara', in Sinhalese language means – ‘Devi' means gods and ‘nuwara' means city, which means ‘City of Gods'. Beginning of this city can be traced back to around 660 AD. Buddhist as well as other community people visits this place at least once a year, during the annual festival season which occur in June, to receive the blessings of the gods. Basnayaka Nilame or the Chief Incumbent who is elected by the important people from the district manages this Devalaya or the Temple, which is under the state control.

Dondra Point -

The Dondra Point is situated in the southern most point of Sri Lanka facing the Indian Ocean which is the main sea route between west and east. And the Northern most point is Point Pedro situated in Northern Province. The Dondra Point is important for its sea route
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